Friday, November 18, 2005


Hi!! How are you?? I got a cold, so I do not feel so good. About three days ago, I felt pain around my right lung and had a bad cough for a long time, so I wondered if I have got peneumonia, and went to the hospital. I took some health examinations such as electrocardiogram, X ray and blood test at the hospital. Then the doctor said that I got bronchitis, and I got a lot of medicines. I hate taking medicines, but I felt strong pain, so I was obliged to take them. Of course, the taste was terrible. The smell of one of them is similar to the smell of "crayon"!! So, evrytime I take the medicine, I nearly cry. However, thanks to the medicine, my bad pain on my lung disappeared. And I am getting better and better, so I think taking medicines is important way to recover when I get a cold even if I hate them. I heard that influenza will rage this year, and the influenza will be very strong, so I would like to having a vaccination at no distant date.


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