Friday, October 14, 2005

My Grandfather

I have a grandfather who is 80 years old now, and he is very very fine. He likes to have a ride on his motorbike and move his body very much. So, he goes to gym every day by the bike. However, he had an operation yesterday and he is in hospital now. In April, he had an another operation, so we all family were very worry about him before the operation, but he is very fine regardless of my family's concern. When he left the hospital in April, he went to the gym only two days later coming back home. I was very surprised to hear the news from my grandmother!! And the doctor says that my grandfather has a power to recovery same as young people, about 20 to 30 years old!! So I expect that he will get well soon, and he goes to the gym as soon as possible!! We are going to go to the hospital to see him on Sunday, so I hope that I can meet cheerful my grandfather then.


Blogger yamayu0329 said...

Your granpa is very very great!!
My granpa is also very cherrful and likes active. He loves farm work very very much!! I hope that our granpa will live long !!

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