Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Birthday!!!

Today is my 20th birthday!! And my friend's birthday was October 13th, so my high school friends held a birthday party yesterday, and it was so great!! The party was held at the restaurant whose atmosphere is like Arabian country, and the background music is the theme music of Disney's Aladdin. I like the movie and the music, so I was very happy to be there. When we were eating dinner, my friend and I were called our name loudly by a woman works at the restaurant suddenly, and she took us to the place like stage. We did not know what was going on, so we were very upset. There were also five confused people like us, so their birthday are also in October. The stage can be seen from all table, so everyone at the restaurant looked us. Then the background music became louder, and seven women appeared with the plates which were decorated with chocolate "Happy Birthday". I was very happy because not only our friends but also people whom we did not know in the restaurant also celebrated our birthday. All of us were very glad and satisfied with the event!! It would be a very precious memory for us forever. And there is a party with my best friends Kana, Eribo, Yuri, Yamayu and Yuri today!! So I am looking forward to it very much!! We are going to make dinner together, so I will post about the party next time!!


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Blogger itsumi☆★ said...

Hi I'm Itsumi from Adam's IES class of first year!! Happy birthday!!! Your birthday party sounds fantastic! I envy you!!

7:18 AM  
Blogger haruna sato said...

Finally I leave my comment on your blog! lol
Your birthday sounds really nice and fun!! Your friends are so nice!
Happy 20th(u know how to read) Birthday☆★☆

2:39 AM  

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