Friday, October 07, 2005


I have holidays for three days from tomorrow!! I do not have a special plan, so I am going to sleep well, and stay home during three days maybe. However, I have some homework, so I can not idle away. Also, I have a presentation on next Wednesday, so I should prepare for it during holidays. Today, I listened some presentations of my classmates, and they did very good presentations. By listening them, I thought that I should do my best on the presentation as well as them. The presentation is about African country, and the country I will present is Western Sahara. I did not know about the country at all before I research it, so this is a very good chance for me to know it. I can know some countries from not only my research but also the other classmates presentations. Actually, I do not like presentation very much, but I think I can learn various things through it. Anyway, I will do my best on my presentation!!


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