Friday, October 28, 2005

☆Enjoyment during November☆

Before I write about the enjoyment during November, I write about my birthday party which was held last week. It was so great!! As I wrote on last blog, we made dinner. The dinner was stew and it was very delicious. I cannot cook at all, so I peeled the carrots and potatos with peeler. Even if I used peeler, I cannot peel them well, so then I thought I should learn how to cook.(><) I think the girls who cook well seem to be able to become nice women. And when we finished the dinner, suddenly the lights were turned off and the birthday cake appeared!! I did not know there was a cake, so I was very surprised. It was also delicious!! During eating it, we had a very good conversation about study, friend, love and so on. I could have a very very good time with them!! Thank you, Kana, Yamayu, Yuri and CHika!! I am very sorry that Eribo could not come to the party, so if we have a chance, let's do it again!!
Next about my enjoyment!! In November we have a school festival. However, I do not belong to any club, so I have nothing to do for the festival. So when I see the people who are busy with the preparation for it, I feel I was little boring, and envy them a little. Anyway, I am going to come to the festival and enjoy it!! It was held for four days, so I can sleep enough time than usual. I hope I can take a rest to reflesh myself. And other enjoyment is the travel for Tokyo Disney Resort!! I love there very much, so I visit there at least twice a year. I am going to go there with my best friend, she and I are friends for ten years. However, we have never traveled together, so I am very looking forward to the trip very much!! If I have a chance, I would write about the trip on the blog.
Recently it is getting colder and colder, so take care of yourselves!!
☆See Ya☆


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Blogger Megumi Kakimoto said...

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Blogger Megumi Kakimoto said...

Hi, Mai Hayashi ^ - ^ This is Megumi K★
Wow, you had very good time with your friends at your birthday party! It sounds great and I envy you a little! lol > - <
Please enjoy your trip to Tokyo Disney Land with your best friend and make happy memories♪
Take care of yourself, too.

Megumi K:-)

3:21 AM  

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