Friday, September 30, 2005

Good Temperature!!

These days, it is cool, so I am very happy!! Because I like autumn very much!! In autumn or winter, we can wear a lot of clothes, and I like choosing clothes. And I was born in autumn, so it may be one of the reasons that I like autumn. However, cool or cold temperature sometimes makes people catch a cold. Although it is cool in the morning and night, it is little hot in the afternoon. This difference of temperature is the reason that people catch a cold. My mother and sister had caught a cold, and father caught a cold yesterday. So I am afraid that next is my turn to catch a cold. Actually, I have a little sore throat. I have to take care not to catch a cold, so this weekend I am going to take a lot of rest, and spend time in a relaxed condition. Please take care of yourselves not to catch a cold, everyone!!


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