Friday, July 01, 2005

Terrible Happening!!!

I have very very bad backache now. I began to feel pain on my back from last night, and I thought that if I could sleep well, the pain would disappear. So, I went to bed earlier than usual last night. However, when I wake up this morning, the pain did not disappear, and the pain was much worse than last night. I could not walk quickly, and even while I was sitting, I felt pain. I have had the backache since about six months ago, but recently it was getting better. So, I did not care about that. I think one of the reason is that these days I used computer for a long time sitting in a bad position. When the last time I felt bad backache, I did so too. So, now I am posting with a very good position, and the pain is getting better and better than this morning. I hope I can recover as soon as possible.(>_<)


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