Friday, July 08, 2005

Essay was finished!!!

Finally we have finished the big essay!! Scott said that we have almost finished the big assignment, so I am very happy now. However, July 13th is Stephen's essay due, so I cannot relax so much. I have to research a lot of information as well as Scott's essay. However, recently, my health condition is so bad. I caught a cold and still have a backache. So, I am going to have enough rest on this weekend. My friends around me also caught a cold or have a bad condition. I think because we are so tired, so let's have enough rest!! We have only one week by finishing this semester, and it is little sad thing for me because I cannot meet my friends. Summer vacation is both happy season and little sad season. I have no plan for summer vacation yet, but I want to travel somewhere. Travel makes me comfortable and refresh. Now I want to go to Tokyo Disney Resort.(≧▽≦)


Blogger scott-o said...

This change in the weather... its hard on the health so one must take care, especially if the person is working hard and not taking extra good care of themselves.

congrats on finishing my paper and i hope you do well on stephen's paper as well.

I have been to Tokyo Disney a few times. My family likes Disney a lot: it was the first family vacation my mother and I went on together waaaaay back in the late 70's, and everytime I visit my family in California or Florida, we visited one or the other. Naturally, when i came to Japan I went to Disneyland. I really enjoyed Disney Sea, but I have to admit I found Disneyland a bit disappointing: it seemed old and not just a little tired. Disney Sea though was a treat for the eyes: everything was so beautiful and alive, very well disigned and distinct. I'd love to go back.

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