Friday, June 10, 2005

Summer is coming!!

Today is June 10, so it is almost summer!! However, I do not like summer very much, because I am very sensitive to hot. I prefer winter to summer. Summer makes me uncomfortable. However, in summer, there are a lot of nice events. For example, fireworks, summer festival, sea bathing and so on. Above all, we can wear yukata in summer. I like wearing yukata very much, because I think it is a symbol of summer. I am going to go to a lot of summer festivals wearing yukata. Last year (from May to October), I was wearing an eye patch, so last summer was filled with bad memories. I could not do many things because of that. So, in this summer, I want to enjoy doing a lot of things that I could not do in last summer. I am going to get a driver's license during summer vacation, so if I could get it, I want to enjoy taking a drive!!


Blogger Yuri said...

SOunds exciting^^. Can you wear yukata by yourself? Wearing yukata is sth speciao, isn't it? I know it is very humid and stinky in summer in Japan, but I like summer in Brisbane. It is not too humid, but a bit dry, and walking along beaches is what I like the mmost^^! It is so nice and comfy with nice breezing. Oh, I miss the beaches in Aus!

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