Thursday, June 16, 2005

☆Present For My Friend☆

June 8 was one of my best friend's birthday, so my friends and I decided to give her a present. However, we did not have time to gather and talk about the present, so we could not give her a present on the day. Few days ago, at last we could meet and talk about the present. The present we decided to give her is a handmade album. Two days ago, we began to make the album by pasting photos, painting pictures and writing comments on a sketchbook. The album started with photos that have been taken when we were kindergartner. At first, the work of making the album was going smoothly, but about thirty minutes later, we did it very slowly. The reason was that the photos brought us back old memories, so we looked them for a long time, and we could not do the work. Next week we are going to meet and make it more, so the next time we should concentrate on the work. I hope that the friend whom we are going to give the album would please with the present!!


Blogger seiji ohashi said...

I think your friend will be pleased truely because the album is full of your feeling. I think your friend will cry!!

8:16 PM  

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