Friday, May 06, 2005

My Terrible G.W.!?

I was going to visit my grandparents' house( They live in Osaka City, so it is not far from my house), but I could not do. One of the reason I could not visit is that I had to help my sister with her moving. She had lived by herself before, but she came back home during this G.W. She is very selfish person, so she always bother me. And there is another reason that I could not go. I wanted to visit my grandparents, so I tried to go there on May 3. However, on that day my mother caught a cold, and she stayed in bed. So, I had to help her with the housework. I usually do not do housework, so I was very confused. But now my sister lives with us, so she helped a lot of housework. I think she is very selfish but she is helpful. At first I felt uncomfortable because I could not carry out my plan for G.W. However, now I think this holidays were not so bad because I could do housework with my sister, and I could realise her good part. And I am going to visit my grandparents this weekend!!


Blogger seiji ohashi said...

It seems that you are happy after all because you could spend a good time with your sister. recently, I do not talk with my brother because he always go to part time job. so I envy you for having communication with your sister.

9:23 PM  

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