Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My Lately Life

From four months ago, I have been suffering from terrible backache. I do not know the reason of the backache clearly, but I think the reason is that because I always study sitting in a bad position. There are a small table in my room, so I do my homework sitting on the floor directly. I always pay attention that I have to study sitting in a good position, but without notice I come to sit in a bad position. Lately I pay attention carefully not to sit in a bad position, so my back is getting better and better.100
Recently the weather bothers me. There are both hot days and cool days, so every day I become confused which clothes I should wear( short sleeves or long sleeves) before I leave home. And the rainy season is coming soon. Although it is necessary for us, I hate rain. When the rainy day, I feel strangely dull. In this rainy season, I hope I would not become to feel so.


Blogger KanaMiyazaki said...

Hi, Mai! It is my first time to write a comment.
How about your backache??Is it becoming better? I recommend you to sit on a chair when you study. I also had backache when i was a candidate. It was teriible. I hope your backache become well soon.
I am also puzzled what to wear every morning. It takes a lot of time, so i decide what i wear in night. However, it suddenly becomes cold. I hate it!!'~' Women are hard.
Thank you for reading my comment.

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