Friday, May 27, 2005

My friend!!

About one week ago, I heard a wonderful news from my friend who is one of the best friend since we are kindergartner. The news is that she was chosen as a member of all-Japan cheerleader. She has practiced it since she was a highschool student, and her team has gotten the first prize many times. Her team is very famous, so sometimes we can see it on a TV news programs. I have seen the team's performance many times, but whenever I watch it, I get goose bumps even now. She and I graduated from same preschool, elementary school and junior high school. Until we graduated from junior high school she was very shy and did not like to do something in public. However, when she entered the high school and belonged the cheerleading team, she changed dramatically. She smiles a lot not only while she was performing but also in daily life, and she became active. So, I think cheerleading changed her life. I want her to do her best as a member of all-Japan!!


Blogger seiji ohashi said...

I think you have a good friend. my friend also changed dramatically when he joined baseball club. I think if people got the trigger, they can change themselves into active person easily.

9:12 PM  
Blogger scott-o said...

I realize i am a skeptic and could be taken as a cynic by some, but I am just curious, that is all. Having said this, let me ask have you ever felt anyone was changed for the worse by clubs? I see a lot of people at KGU who spend what I would consider to be WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much time doing club activities. I realize the importance of a club for socialization and for a feeling of belonging, but this is afterall a language university. I have students who do their club activities over 24 hours a week and have not time for homework at all, is that right? I wonder if there is too much pressure placed on students by their clubs and if some people haven't forgottent he main reason why they come to university.

I believe in moderation is key and I feel that a lot of the clubs have lost sight of this concept. I wonder if or rather how often this ends up hurting or damaging a student's studies. And since I truly beleive that the education you get in university is vastly more important than what you learn in the club ( how many people will be using their club activity skills to earn a living in the future?) I find myself asking questions about clubs. How much is enough?

6:53 AM  

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