Thursday, May 19, 2005


Lately there are many bees around my house, so I feel a little fear. One day, maybe three or four days ago, my mother was shouting so loudly, so I was very surprised with her voice. Then I asked her, "Why are you shouting so loudly?", and she said "Because there is a beehive at the porch!!" She was very upset, so I went to see the beehive to the porch. The beehive was a very very small one that was different from which I imaged, so I was relieved a little. However, if we left it without removing, it would be getting bigger and bigger, so we decided to remove it. My mother and I did not want to do the work, so we asked my father, and he was willingly to do it. Since then, I come to look around my house as careful as I can. I hope that there is no beehive any more!!


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Interesting^^ I can imagine that the situation of your mother and you.I am also scared bees>< By the way I am happy that your computer recoverd☆ You can do your homework at your home.

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Blogger scott-o said...

Your computer was sick?

You and your mother are much more gentle with beehive removal than I was as a child. When we found a hive near our house, my friends and I would put on many layers of clothing, hats, scarves, mittens, two or three sweaters, a couple pairs of pants and thick socks then we would go get sticks and rocks and 'remove' the beehive the old fashion way -- knock it off the tree and then run! I never got stung much, but once a few bees found a way inside my friends clothes... poor kid, but at the time it sure was funny!

Later in life, when I moved to Arizona. There, the bees nests are more than a nuisance. In Arizona, the honey bees have been cross-bred with african 'killer' bees. The bees swarm and the nests are quite large, weighing upwards of 30kilos and thousands THOUSANDS of bees swarming the nest, which can be found in old trees, abandonded cars, people's attics and/or garages. When these bees get angry, they attack in large groups. They can and have killed animals and people and are not to be played with. When people find a hive in Arizona, they call the govenment to come remove it. Its a big problem.

No Afircanized Honey Bees in Japan, so don't worry, but still I have been stung, any nest is both fascinating and a bit scary.

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