Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My lately daily life!!

This is my second post!! I think I am getting accustomed to doing blog, and I was very happy when there were comment to my first post. Today I will write about my new term life in this school. About two weeks have passed since the new term started, but my brain is not ready to study, and I am always sleepy. During my spring vacation I usually slept for 12 hours every day, and now I usually sleep for 5 hours every day. That is to say my sleeping time decreases greatly. And one weeks later, G.W. will start. I am going to sleep well during G.W, but I must pay attention not to sleep too much. And recently it is getting warmer and warmer, so I decided to walk to the station from my house. I do not like walking, but in spring or autumn I like walking very much. I think walking is good for my health, so I want to keep going it. But only in spring and autumn!!


Blogger scott-o said...

Its kind of the same for me too Mai: during vacation i get a lot of sleep but during the actual semester, I usually get about 6hours a night. I guess there is just a lot ot do here!

I think that walking is good for you and will probably make you feel more awake: exercise does this for most people.

Also about sleep, I remember this television show from a few years ago... it talked about how teens always complained about being tired and how adults always thought thta meant they were lazy but in recent studies, it has been found that teens need more sleep because their minds are still developing so that they actually need more than 8 hours a night to be fully rested. The show is online, if you want to watch it, pretty interesting stuff really. It is broken into 6 short clips, number 5 is about sleeping. if you want to watch, here is the URL
you can copy it and paste it into your browser's address bar. Enjoy.

8:15 PM  
Blogger seiji ohashi said...

I also like walking in spring and autumn too. It is very good to walk for your health so let's walk everyday!

7:50 PM  
Blogger yamayu0329 said...

Hi!Today is also fine, so I am happy now. And today You look fine! L am happy! Did you spent good lunch time?
It is god for your health to walk, but it is also dangerouse to walk at night, so please pay attention!! Have a good time!
See ya.

11:47 PM  

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