Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Happy and Sad News

We have no class for three days, so I am very happy!! Then, when next Monday's class would finish, we have three days holiday again!! I am really looking forward to the holidays. I want to make my holidays good one!! And I am going to write about my holidays next post. I am happy now, but I also feel sad because of the terrible train accident that happened four days ago. I was very shocked when I watched the news on TV. Also my friend's friend died in the accident. My friend was very shocked, but she is in America to study now, so she was very sorried that she could not come back easily. Every day I come to shool by train, so after the accident happened my mother tells me not to take the first to the third car. In the accident many people were sacrificed, so I hope strongly that such an accident never happens.


Blogger scott-o said...

Yes Mai, it truly was a shocking and very tragic accident and I am sure it has scared a lot of people, not least of which is the JR management and workers! I am hoping that, if nothing else good comes from this accident, they will become more aware that while Japan's railway system is incredibly efficient, they ahve also created a system that is very stressful for the workers and that perhaps a more automated system would be benificial to the workers stress levels and the riders' safety too.

You know your mom and I think a like! I said the same thing to my wife. She rides trains much more frequently than I do and I worry a little about that. Still the trains are really safe and besides, if everyone moves from the first two cars, think how crowded and cramped the middle cars will be. Yuck! Especially yucky come summer time! Blech!

As I said in class, Havea safe and relaxing vacation!

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