Sunday, December 11, 2005

★Flea Market★

Today I did a flea market with my friend at Bampaku Koen. At first, we planned to do that with three friends, but one of them caught a cold, and we had to do that with only two. These days a lot of people around me caught a cold, so I have to be careful not to get it. And, the market was very terrible(><). Because today was very cold, and the wind was sometimes blowing very hard. Also, today was cloudy, so that sky made me much colder. At first, we were going to do that on November 5th, but the day was rainy, so we had to postpone it. Today, while we were doing that, we always complained that if it had not been raining November 5th, we could enjoy this time more and more. November is better to do the flea market than December, we thought. So, if I have a chance to do that next, I want to do that on warm day.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

♪Tokyo Disney Resort♪

Finally I went to Tokyo Disney Resort!!! It was very very good!!! I went there by night train, so I was very tired. However, as soon as I got there I forgot the tiredness. I have been there four times, but whenever I went there I become very exciting!! When I went there, it was Christmas season, so everything there were decorated with very beautiful things. And the parades were also very very beautiful. It was little colder than Osaka, but my friends and I forgot cold, and enjoyed very much. And the hotel was also very nice. At first, we reserved a normal room, but when we got there, the front desk clerk told that we could stay a better room. We could not understand what was going on, so he explained clearly, and we could understand. So the room was very good, and we also enjoyed the hotel. We went to both Disney Land and Disney Sea, but we can stay only two days, and it was not enough for us. So I want to go there again as soon as possible!!

Friday, November 18, 2005


Hi!! How are you?? I got a cold, so I do not feel so good. About three days ago, I felt pain around my right lung and had a bad cough for a long time, so I wondered if I have got peneumonia, and went to the hospital. I took some health examinations such as electrocardiogram, X ray and blood test at the hospital. Then the doctor said that I got bronchitis, and I got a lot of medicines. I hate taking medicines, but I felt strong pain, so I was obliged to take them. Of course, the taste was terrible. The smell of one of them is similar to the smell of "crayon"!! So, evrytime I take the medicine, I nearly cry. However, thanks to the medicine, my bad pain on my lung disappeared. And I am getting better and better, so I think taking medicines is important way to recover when I get a cold even if I hate them. I heard that influenza will rage this year, and the influenza will be very strong, so I would like to having a vaccination at no distant date.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

★My Favorite Season★

Hi, how are you?? Recently it is getting colder and colder, so please take care not to get a cold!! I prefer winter to summer, so I am happy to feel winter these days. Winter has a lot of nice events, so that is one of the reasons that I like winter. Today is Sunday November 13, and about after one months, it is Christmas!! Gradually, the city or shop are decorated with illumination or beautiful goods. I like watching such a decoration and also like the atmosphere of Christmas mode. And there is a house which is famous for the decoration for the Christmas near my house. The house is decorated with dolls or flowers and so on which are made with foam polystyrene every year. The theme of the decoration differs every year, so I am looking forward to watching this years' decoration very much. Also I hope that I can spend nice Christmas!!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

♪School Festival♪

On November 03, I went to the school festivals of Kansai Gaidai and Setsunan University with Haruna, one of my friends in my class. At first, we went to Kansai Gaidai, and ate some food which were sold at the booth students ran. We ate "hashimaki", "frankfurt" and "churros". All of them were very good, so I was very satisfied with the festival. Next, we went to Setsunan Universuty to see "owarai live". Although it was free, it was very fun, so I always laughed out loud during the live. The people who performed in the live were famous, and I like them, so I enjoyed it very much. I knew the name of Setsunan University, but I have never been there, so I did not know what the university is like. My image of the university was not so good, but it changed, actually it was good. So, I think it was good for me to visit there. I realized that we should not judge something by only the image. Anyway, I enjoyed these two festivals very much.♪♪

Friday, October 28, 2005

☆Enjoyment during November☆

Before I write about the enjoyment during November, I write about my birthday party which was held last week. It was so great!! As I wrote on last blog, we made dinner. The dinner was stew and it was very delicious. I cannot cook at all, so I peeled the carrots and potatos with peeler. Even if I used peeler, I cannot peel them well, so then I thought I should learn how to cook.(><) I think the girls who cook well seem to be able to become nice women. And when we finished the dinner, suddenly the lights were turned off and the birthday cake appeared!! I did not know there was a cake, so I was very surprised. It was also delicious!! During eating it, we had a very good conversation about study, friend, love and so on. I could have a very very good time with them!! Thank you, Kana, Yamayu, Yuri and CHika!! I am very sorry that Eribo could not come to the party, so if we have a chance, let's do it again!!
Next about my enjoyment!! In November we have a school festival. However, I do not belong to any club, so I have nothing to do for the festival. So when I see the people who are busy with the preparation for it, I feel I was little boring, and envy them a little. Anyway, I am going to come to the festival and enjoy it!! It was held for four days, so I can sleep enough time than usual. I hope I can take a rest to reflesh myself. And other enjoyment is the travel for Tokyo Disney Resort!! I love there very much, so I visit there at least twice a year. I am going to go there with my best friend, she and I are friends for ten years. However, we have never traveled together, so I am very looking forward to the trip very much!! If I have a chance, I would write about the trip on the blog.
Recently it is getting colder and colder, so take care of yourselves!!
☆See Ya☆

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Birthday!!!

Today is my 20th birthday!! And my friend's birthday was October 13th, so my high school friends held a birthday party yesterday, and it was so great!! The party was held at the restaurant whose atmosphere is like Arabian country, and the background music is the theme music of Disney's Aladdin. I like the movie and the music, so I was very happy to be there. When we were eating dinner, my friend and I were called our name loudly by a woman works at the restaurant suddenly, and she took us to the place like stage. We did not know what was going on, so we were very upset. There were also five confused people like us, so their birthday are also in October. The stage can be seen from all table, so everyone at the restaurant looked us. Then the background music became louder, and seven women appeared with the plates which were decorated with chocolate "Happy Birthday". I was very happy because not only our friends but also people whom we did not know in the restaurant also celebrated our birthday. All of us were very glad and satisfied with the event!! It would be a very precious memory for us forever. And there is a party with my best friends Kana, Eribo, Yuri, Yamayu and Yuri today!! So I am looking forward to it very much!! We are going to make dinner together, so I will post about the party next time!!